Friday, July 8, 2016

One film nomination was not enough for "Aisha"

That is for the 2015 Feature Drama “Aisha”, in next month’s The African Film Festival (TAFF), in the United States of America. This festival (TAFF) is said to “celebrate films that either promote African culture; address issues affecting the Continent or explore its’ landmarks and historic leaders”.

It’s an annual event, which takes place on the first three days of July, in Dallas, Texas. So imagine the feeling he got hearing that “Aisha”,a 112-minute film, made right here, from the collaboration of Uzikwasa in Pangani District of Tanga Region with the Dar es Salaam- based Kijiweni Productions.

Now remember, Uzikwasa, the Executive Producers of this film, is an organisation that prides itself in aiming to reach out, listen and encourage voices amongst rural communities, who they engage in various ways to find development solutions for themselves.On the other hand, Kijiweni Productions is a filmmaking organisation founded and owned by Shivji, who produced and directed this film.

Therefore, the young filmmaker’s joy, when talking to the ‘Daily News on Saturday’ earlier this week, should be well understood. Added to the TAFF nominations, “Aisha” has been doing quite well in the festival circuits and has already been selected for screening in 14 different ones. The Zanzibar International Festival (ZIFF) is one of the recent one, in which the film is scheduled for screening on July 15, in the Old Fort.

The most recent one is these TAFF nominations, which they got earlier this week. “So what I’m really happy about is that althoughTAFF is a small festival, the prestigious part of it comes from the fact that each department essentially of our film, has been nominated and is put on a pedestal, as an African film out there in Texas. So everyone who has played an active role in making this film a reality, is actually getting some more out of this,” he admitted.

These six nominations are for Best Narrative Feature, Best Director, which is Chande Omar and Best Actor, Adarusi Wali. The others are Best Actress, Godliver Gordian, Best Soundtrack, which is the song “Minna Dada” by the local songwriter, singer and musician, Vitalis Maembe and Best Cinematography by Takura Maurayi. Being nominated, Shivji says means one has been short-listed, therefore, selected from a larger pool.

This is something worth being proud of, according to him, who has seen some of the other films that have been selected. Going beyond this and winning the award in any of these categories, he maintains would be a bonus. As the Executive Producers of the film Uzikwasa, funded it and choose the topic, they wanted to address.

Kijiweni Productions was approached because their films, such as “Shoeshine” and Samaki Mchangani”, usually address social justice issues. They don’t usually make NGO films but on this occasion they liked the work Uzikwasa were doing on the ground. So they agreed to make this film providing they had “Creative Control” over it.

This involved conducting the research, finding a script writer and other members of the production crew, together with cast. They went on to handling all post-production from editing to sound mixing and even the promotion right down to its premier, there in Pangani, where it was shot. “So taking this into consideration, I would say that Kijiweni Productions made this film.

The difference now is that we don’t have copyrights to it. It’s owned by the Executive Producers (Uzikwasa), who funded it. Therefore, when it comes to ownership and distribution it will be them, but in terms of the Creative Control it’s definitely Kijiweni Productions,”Shivji said. The film, which was shot in Pangani in January last year was premiered right there in July of the same year.
Apart from the nomination success the film has had in its first year, Shivji is also very proud of being part of it for helping to bring out conversation and create dialogue on issues of gender violence, within local communities.

Another person spoken to in relations to these nominations is the independent local Filmmaker, Edgar Ngelela. Apart from making films he also teaches at the University of Dar es Salaam’s (UDSM) School of Journalism and Mass Communications (SJMC),Television and Radio Production.

He pointed out the fact that this locally-made film received such nominations, shows that “Tanzania is on the world map” therefore, is seen by others outside. “It does not stop there either,” he maintains, “for by so doing Aisha is actually paving the way for other of our filmmakers to try as much as they can to improve and do better films.”

“This increases the possibilities for local filmmakers to have their productions showcased in the same festival or any other one, in another country. This will help more local films to cross borders, as Aisha has certainly now done.

This is what we’ve been trying to do for such a long time,” Ngelela, who lists “Kosa” and “Sauti ya Kunese” amongst his films, added. He is very optimistic about there being more of such situations in the future, given the mind-set he has observed of a number of young coming-up filmmakers.

These new stock, he maintains are consciously trying to cross borders. One of the things he believes, which has helped make “Aisha” a good film, is being able to see a few things in it that relate to its ethnicity and traditions.

It is such things, Ngelela says, which clearly shows the viewer what country it’s made in and that it’s trying to say something about the society, plus local people’s feelings concerning it. According to Ngelela there are those local filmmakers who will see this as a big success and follow-on.

However, there will also be those who will not even take notice at all, and will just continue as if nothing happened. He has taken note.

Written by Imani Mani / 02-July-2016 / Dailynews

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Karibu music festival 2015

Tamasha la pili la 'Karibu Music' laendelea kukonga nyoyo za mashabiki mara nyingine tena. Tamasha hili lililoanza siku ya Ijumaa tarehe 06/11/2015 linategemewa kuahirishwa tarehe 08/11/2015 siku ya Jumapili. Mwandishi wetu alisogea Bagamoyo katika viwanja vya Mwanakalenge kwenye tamasha hilo siku ya Jumamosi na kukutana na wasanii mbali mbali ambao walifanya kazi nzuri sana. Miogoni mwao alikuwako Jhiko Manyika, Damian Soul, H art the band na Papa Wemba. Unagana na mwandishi wetu kwa picha za tamashani:

The second "Karibu Music Festival' continues on its second day at the Mwanakalenge grounds in Bagamoyo. The Festival this year commenced on Friday 06/11/2015 and expected to go on for three days; till Sunday 08/11/2015. Our journalist was at the festival on Saturday and met a variety of celebrities who also performed. These included Jhiko Manyika, Damian Soul, H art the band and Papa Wemba. Join us to the Festival through the following snaps:

Brina from Jamaica performing at the 2nd  Karibu Music Festival 2015 

Damian Soul at the 2nd Karibu Music Festival 2015

Damian Soul's drummer Tito at the 2nd Karibu Music Festival 2015

Damian Soul's keyboard Artist Hary at the 2nd Karibu Music Festival 2015

Damian Soul's guitarist Emmanuel at the 2nd Karibu Music Festival 2015

Masafa at the 2nd Karibu Music Festival 2015

Damian Soul and his band at the 2nd Karibu Music Festival 2015

Damian Soul performing at the 2nd Karibu Music Festival 2015

Saxophonist at the 2nd Karibu Music Festival 2015

Jhiko Manyika at the 2nd Karibu Music Festival 2015 in Bagamoyo

Jhiko Manyika performing at the 2nd Karibu Music Festival 2015 in Bagamoyo

H art the band in Bagamoyo at the 2nd Karibu Music Festival 2015

An artist form the H art the band performing at the Karibu Music Festival 2015

An artist form the H art the band performing at the Karibu Music Festival 2015

An artist form the H art the band performing at the Karibu Music Festival 2015

An artist form the H art the band performing at the Karibu Music Festival 2015

H art the band in Bagamoyo performing at the 2nd Karibu Music Festival 2015

Papa Wemba in Bagamoyo at the 2nd Karibu Music Festival 2015

Papa Wemba in Bagamoyo performing at the 2nd Karibu Music Festival 2015

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Filamu fupi ya 'KOSA' yaingia production.

Mwongoza na mtayarishaji mahiri wa Filamu hapa nchini Edgar Ngelela anatarajiwa kuachia filamu mpya fupi iliyopewa jina la ‘KOSA’ mwanzoni mwa mwezi wa nne mwaka huu.

Filamu mpya ya 'KOSA'
Ngelela ambaye filamu yake ya awali ya ‘Anguko’ ilipata mafanikio makubwa ya kuoneshwa katika tamasha la kimataifa la 16 la majahazi (ZIFF) huko Zanzibar mwaka 2013, ameiambia Radio Mlimani kwamba filamu hiyo fupi ya ‘KOSA’ inatarajiwa kuwa na urefu wa dakika 25 ikizungumzia maisha ya kila siku.

“Maudhui ya filamu yangu mpya ni maisha ya kila siku lakini zaidi inagusa mapezi, imani na mazoea” alisema Ngelela wakati akizungumza na Radio Mlimani juu ya ujio wa filamu hiyo mpya.

Ngelela ameamua kuiita filamu hiyo ‘KOSA’. Neno hilo la Kiswahili limeubeba ujumbe wa filamu hiyo ipasanyo; kwanza limetumika katika filamu hii likimaanisha kukosa, lakini pia limetumika likimaanisha kukosea, hivyo basi neno hilo limebeba mambo yote mawili katika filamu hiyo fupi, Ngelela alisema.

“Filamu hii ni filamu inayotoa ujumbe kwamba kama mwanadamu ni lazima uwe makini katika kufanya maamuzi, lakini pia kuwaambia watanzania kwamba kila mahusiano ya kimapenzi yana upekee wake” alimalizia mtayarishaji huyo.

Filamu hiyo itakayokamilika mwanzoni mwa mwezi wa nne imelengwa kuoneshwa katika matamasha mbalimbali ya kimataifa na vile vile itapatikana katika DVD hapo baadae.

Miongoni mwa nyota wa filamu hapa nchini waliongára katika filamu hiyo ni pamoja na Bi Madina Hamis maarufu kama dada zawadi pamoja na Emmanuel Myamba anayejulikana zaidi kama Pastor Myamba. Wapo pia waigizaji chipukizi ambapo kwa mujibu wa Ngelela wamefanya kazi kubwa katika filamu hii.

Filamu hiyo imechezewa maeneo mbalimbali ya jiji la Dar es salaam na pia katika viunga vya mji wa Morogoro.

Na Sylvia Mwehozi, Radio Mlimani.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Katiba pendekezwa na Sanaa Tanzania

Leo nizisogeze karibu nanyi wasanii na wasomaji wa blog hii zile ibara tatu ambazo zimejikita kwa namna moja au nyingine kwenye sanaa. Ni vyema kuzipitia na kuzifahamu ili kutoka hapa tujipange vyema kuhakikisha kuwa sheria nzuri zinatungwa ili kuzaa matunda yenye faida kwa wasanii na wananchi kwa ujumla. Ibara hizi ni kama ifuatavyo:

Ibara ya 15: Lengo la taifa kiutamaduni
(1) Lengo la Katiba hii kiutamaduni ni kukuza, kudumisha na kuhifadhi lugha ya Kiswahili, urithi wa asili na utamaduni wa wananchi.
(2) Katika kuhakikisha utekelezaji wa lengo hilo, Serikali itachukua hatua zinazofaa ili:
(a) kulinda na kuendeleza lugha ya Kiswahili;
(b) kulinda na kuhifadhi urithi wa asili, malikale na sehemu zenye umuhimu wa kihistoria ili kuepuka uharibifu, wizi au utoroshaji nje ya nchi;
(c) kulinda, kuhifadhi na kuendeleza utamaduni wa jamii mbalimbali; na
(d) kujenga utamaduni wa kuwepo ushirikiano, maelewano, maridhiano, uvumilivu na kuheshimu mila, desturi na imani ya dini ya kila mtu.

Ibara ya 39: Uhuru wa maoni
Kila mtu:
(a) Ana haki na uhuru wa:
(i) kuwa na maoni na kueleza fikra zake;
(ii) kufanya mawasiliano na kutoingiliwa katika mawasiliano yake; na
(iii) kufanya ugunduzi, ubunifu na utafiti wa sanaa, sayansi na mapokeo ya asili.

Ibara ya 59: Uhuru wa taaluma, ubunifu, ugunduzi, na usanii
(1) Kila mtu atakuwa na uhuru wa kushiriki kwenye mambo yanayoendeleza na kukuza sanaa, taaluma, ubunifu na ugunduzi.
(2) Kila mtu atakuwa na uhuru wa kujifunza, kufundisha, kutafiti na kueneza matumizi ya matokeo ya utafiti kulingana na kanuni za kitaaluma na za kiutafiti.
(3) Serikali itakuza na kuendeleza utafiti, ubunifu na ugunduzi katika sanaa, sayansi na teknolojia kwa kutunga sheria ambazo:
(a) zitalinda hakimiliki na hataza na haki za wabunifu, watafiti na wasanii;
(b) zitawezesha taasisi za elimu na za utafiti kutumia ugunduzi wao kwa manufaa ya Taifa;
(c) zitasimamia uhamishaji wa sayansi na teknolojia;
(d) zitawezesha kukuza rasilimali watu kwenye nyanja za kitaaluma, sayansi, teknolojia na ubunifu;
(e) zitalinda na kusimamia ubora wa taaluma, utafiti na matumizi ya ugunduzi na ubunifu; na
(f) zitafafanua mambo mengine yanayohusu hakimiliki na hataza.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Kituo cha watoto wasioona - Shinyanga

Katika kumuenzi Marehemu Mzee Felix Ngelela Luhende wa Shinyanga anapofikisha miaka minne (4) tangu mauti yake; familia yake ikiongozwa na Mama Hildegard Felix Luhende ilijitoa na kusaidia watoto wasioona, wasiosikia na watoto wenye ulemavu wa ngozi wa kituo cha Blinds kilichopo Buhangija - Shinyanga kwa kuweka plasta na sakafu katika upande mmoja wa bweni moja ambalo lilikuwa halijamaliziwa na bado halitumiki ipasavyo.
Bweni lililowekewa plasta na sakafu
Bweni kabla ya ujenzi wa plasta na sakafu
Bwenini: Ujenzi ukiendelea
Bwenini: Baada ya ujenzi kukamilika
Mpaka siku ya terehe 21/09/2014 kituo kilikuwa kina watoto 276 ambao wanachangia mabweni matatu; la nne likiwa ndio hilo ambalo halijakamilika. Mabweni haya bado hayawatoshi watoto wote kwa pamoja. Hii huwalazimu watoto hao kulala wawili wawili mpaka wanne wanne kwenye kitanda kimoja.
Hivi ni vitanda ambavyo walemavu hulala wawili wawili mpaka wanne
 Ili watoto waweze kuyatumia mabweni haya kwa ufasaha bweni mmoja lina uwezo wa kuwahifadhi watoto 48 lakini kwa hali ya sasa bweni mmoja hubeba watoto 75 mpaka 80 na zaidi, jambo ambalo huwatisha walezi hasa wakifikiria magonjwa ya mlipuko.

Hii iliwafurahisha sana watoto wakitazamia muda si mrefu wengine kuhamia humo na hivyo kupunguza kujaa kwenye mabweni mengine.
Zaidi ya hapo familia ya Mzee Felix Luhende pia iligundua watoto hao walikuwa hawana mahala pa kuanika nguo zao ambapo walilazimika kuanika nguo hizo kwenye madirisha, hivyo familia ikaona ni vema kuwawekea watoto hao kamba kadhaa za kuanikia nguo zao.

Chuma za kufungia kamba za kuanikia nguo zikisubiriwa kukauka
Kituo bado kinahitaji sana misaada mingi kama vile kusaidia kuboresha jiko lao ili kuruhusu hewa zaidi kuingia ndani, kuboresha bwalo lao, kuongeza vitanda na magodoro, chakula na kadhalika. 
Zaidi ya hapo walezi wanahitaji mafunzo zaidi ya malezi na usimamizi ili kuboresha baadhi ya mambo ya msingi katika kuwalea watoto hao.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Meet Maryicker

Keen Insights productions introduces you to the new up coming young artist Maryicker. She is a singer and a dancer from Musoma Tanzania. In introducing Maryicker, Keen Insights in association with Da' voice records brings forth the music video 'Broken heart'. The video is produced by Da' voice records. On the other hand the video is produced by Keen Insights productions.

Maryicker pausing for a photo

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Anguko film in Hamburg-Germany

The short film 'Anguko' from Tanzania was showcased in Hamburg-Germany. This was in the Valentines day, on February, 14. The film was shown in front of a German and Tanzanian audience at the Golem Cinema hall.
Anguko at the Golem Cinema in Hamburg (A)
Mr. Edgar Ngelela who is the Director of the film said that it was very exiting and quite an experience for him as the film provoked a hot discussion about cultural difference between the two sister cities; Hamburg and Dar es Salaam. He added that although the film told the Hamburgers a lot about the Tanzania culture it gave the Tanzanians who were there a chance to understand the similarities and the difference between the two cultures.
Anguko at the Golem Cinema in Hamburg (B)
The Director was also very thankful to the organizers; Jessica Broscheit and Mark Boombastik Layrer. The film will again be shown at CDEA in Dar es Salaam.
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