Sunday, June 26, 2011

Wende (Wande) short film

After a silence on the set and a standby, Gervas Kasiga who is the CEO and the director of Bona Fide films said action to a short film production going by the name Wende. With the production Gervas Kasiga who is also the script writer and the Director of the film had an aim to unite the coming up professionals in the field and those who have been for sometime but not yet popular for that case.

Gervas (On the right) directing Biko on location

When the script was ready, Gervas Kasiga joined hands with Shah who is the founder of Native Filmes. Shah's job was to start transforming the script into a shooting script and then help Gervas to look for the crew and the cast.

Shah (On the Camera) taking a short on location

Sometime in April, 2011 the Crew and the Cast met and did the necessary preparations for the production. The film was shot for 4days and taken to the Post-Production under Shah.

The Wende crew busy on location

Wende on location (Wende and the Baunsa)
Cast and Crew
Wende 1: Epiphania Kimaro, Wende 2: Imakulata Mkude, Wende 3: Doris Deonatus, The Rich man: Mashindano Livinus, Man with Chips: Biko, Baunsa: Rashid Abunaya

Make up: Alice Godfrey, Camera: Shah, Naamala Samson and Edgar L. Ngelela, Production Assistant: Happiness Mang'ondi, Assistant Director: George Goyayi Director: Gervas Kasiga.

Native Filmes Bona Fide films

Friday, June 3, 2011

Gervas Kasiga's way forward!

There have been question on what's up with Gervas Kasiga (Chuma/Junior): What is he doing now and what is the way forward after the Movie "Fake Pastors". So here is what's up? The artist who is the CEO of Bona Fide films has joined hands with Shah; the founder of Native Filmes and together joined hands with Edgar L. Ngelela in a short film production that is at its final phase.

Stay in touch with this blog get more info about the short film "Wande" which is Directed by Gervas Kasiga.
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