Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Anguko film in Hamburg-Germany

The short film 'Anguko' from Tanzania was showcased in Hamburg-Germany. This was in the Valentines day, on February, 14. The film was shown in front of a German and Tanzanian audience at the Golem Cinema hall.
Anguko at the Golem Cinema in Hamburg (A)
Mr. Edgar Ngelela who is the Director of the film said that it was very exiting and quite an experience for him as the film provoked a hot discussion about cultural difference between the two sister cities; Hamburg and Dar es Salaam. He added that although the film told the Hamburgers a lot about the Tanzania culture it gave the Tanzanians who were there a chance to understand the similarities and the difference between the two cultures.
Anguko at the Golem Cinema in Hamburg (B)
The Director was also very thankful to the organizers; Jessica Broscheit and Mark Boombastik Layrer. The film will again be shown at CDEA in Dar es Salaam.
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