Monday, January 18, 2010

Meet Da' Voices

Joy is a singer and a songwriter from Da' Voices

llenx & E' Voice (E2E). llenx is a singer, Guitarist, a Songwriter and a Dancer from Da' Voices

E'Voice is the lead Singer, Guitarist, a Songwriter and a Dancer from Da'Voices

Seki B, Singer and Back vocalist from Da' Voices

This is a swahili Bongo flavour, Hip hop and R&b group from Tanzania. The Group consists of four members. These are Seki B, E' Voice, llenx and Joy as seen above. All the members are from Tanzania.
To present the Group has recorded a few Singles which include Promise and Inaniuma. Still to come are other three singles which include Hebu njoo and Wivu.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

kaka hii crew yenu mi naikubali kichizi yaani!!!
leteni vitu basi tuanze kula maraha!!!
af eddy mbona husemi kama na Masters ushamaliza and that ur where abouts? we wanna know!!!!!!!!

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